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At Action Truck Parts we specialize in Quality Domestic and Import Recycled Truck, Van & SUV Parts.

We offer 120 day warranty on most parts, we ship Canada wide and offer fast delivery with secure packaging.

Action Truck Parts

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Action Truck Parts

Popular used truck parts in stock

Action Truck Parts keeps a large inventory of quality used truck parts.

We stock popular items like engines, transmissions, rear ends, transfer cases, brake and suspension parts. We also keep a large selection of body parts, fenders, hoods, doors, truck boxes and bumpers.

New Inventory

When you purchase quality used auto parts you are helping reduce environmental damage. Many parts of an accident damaged vehicle are still usable. Manufacturing new parts uses energy and creates waste.

Why use recycled auto parts?


6K0021 - 2001 CHEV SILVERADO 4.8L 2WD AUTO 6K0518 - 2005 DODGE DAKOTA 3.7 4WD AUTO 6K0520 - 2005 FORD F150 4WD 4.6L AUTO 6K0617 - 2006 CHEV SILVERADO 4.3L 2WD AUTO 6K9616 - 1996 DODGE 1500 5.2 4WD 5-SPD 6K9619 - 1996 GMC JIMMY 4.3L 4WD AUTO

2001 Silverado

1996 Jimmy

2005 Dakota

2006 Silverado

1996 Dodge 1500

2005 F150

7A0413 - 2004 FORD SPORT TRAC 2WD 4.0L AUTO

2004 Ford SportTrac

7C0305 - 2003 GMC SAFARI 4.3L AWD AUTO

2003 Safari AWD

2002 GMC Sonoma